About Me

Screenshot 2018-10-13 at 4.30.25 PMCrystal Fisher has been Extra AF, for a real long time. Before we started being all cute and calling things “extra” the other term was “annoying.” She has long history of being completely fabulous, and also painfully awkward with people. Life Eating is about consuming experiences, with little to no care about the consequences. She’s a Life Eater. She’s also an Okay writer, and loves all things that are nostalgic. She uses slap bracelets and click pens to work her way thru years of embarrassing tales, she then speaks those memories aloud into a microphone, in on crazy never-ending run-on sentence. That Gossipy ass microphone tells everyone else what happened. In the end we all get a laugh, and start to think about our own experiences, and the things we used to know and love. And what better way to learn to laugh at your life’s embarrassments, than to cut your self open on the internet, and tell everyone your business?

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