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Up now for all patron levels! This is such an interesting story behind an iconic company and the woman who created it. It one of those rare “we couldn’t make this crap up if we tried” stories. I’ll take you all the way thru how she got her start, her crazy marriage, and even crazier divorce, and he fight to reclaim the market that she once had cornered! This Special is only for patrons, so go get you some!

This brief history of Slap Bracelets takes you back to a time, when having the right trend was sooo important, even at the cost of your wrist. This special is now up for the enjoyment of patrons at any level!

Yeah.. This was super fascinating, and also concerning… I decided to highlight the weird furniture fad because my parents had one for years, and I would like to take this opportunity once again to just let everyone know that I was immaculately conceived, and my parents have never had sex. EVER. BUT, the invention, evolution, and the decline of the water bed is really pretty interesting! Click the button to go to the patreon page and sign up to get access.

It’s HERE!!!!! I take a deep dive into an ICONIC movie from the late 80’s. This was so much fun to do! please let me know what you think and also what movie you think I should cover next! Enjoy!! 

Film Strip Theater: The Crack Man. Whelp. I did it. I took a classic wholesome American Filmstrip about the Milk Man, and Recorded a better, Funnier voice over for your enjoyment! In this installment we follow Jack, As he asks his dad about his job, Dealing Crack Cocaine to the neighborhood. Hilarity ensues! * not for kids, i’m cussing alot on this one*

Let’s head on over to Shady Side and go cruisin! In this episode, we join Lilly on her quest for academic perfection. She’s gonna win, at any cost, but will she be hindered by her random best friend, her rapey ginger admirer, her token boyfriend, or her kissing cousin? It’s a ride yall, so let’s get on!

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